About Us

Abivas, is a professional website design company specializing in building and marketing websites for a wide range of business professionals.

Our list of satisfied clients includes IT firms, construction firms, accounting and financial firms, law firms, manufacturing and trade firms, hotels and food industries, service providers, NGOs, Educational firms, medical professionals and entrepreneurs.

At Abivas, we pride ourselves on building quality websites that are tailored to reflect your professional image, as well as effectively market your services and expertise to new and established clients.

Customer Feedbacks

We're proud to say that most of our new business comes from referrals.

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Why Abivas?

  • Quality

    We’re perfectionists. We’re suckers for detail. We like to do things right. It’s not really about quality over quantity, but rather quality no matter what. We’re dedicated to a high standard in every aspect of what we do, whether it’s design or coding or customer service. It helps us look good, and makes you look even better.

  • Ownership & Collaboration

    The best, most rewarding projects are the ones where everyone is invested and dedicated to one cohesive vision, from the client to the project managers to the designers and developers. That shared accountability means that we’re all on the same team at all times, no matter what.

  • Transparency & Honesty

    We believe in truth and being ethical at all times. We’ve got nothing to hide. Our team will always present the facts and offer their honest opinions when needed, always with you and your project's best interest in mind.

  • Efficiency

    Your time and money are valuable—when you place them in our hands, we make it a point to treat them with respect and use them wisely.

  • Focus

    We believe in the value of goals, and we pursue them relentlessly. Whether it’s a simple design or an elaborate, long-term marketing campaign, we approach everything with equal levels of passion and enthusiasm. Because if it’s important to you, you can bet that it will be important to us.

  • Judgment

    We’re problem solvers by nature. Obstacles are unavoidable, but we always opt to overcome them rather than let them hold us back. Our collective experience is hard-earned, and we strive to apply it wisely in every decision we make.